Yes! Carbohydrates don’t regulate weight loss, they provide calories just like every other nutrient. Weight loss comes down to simply burning more than you eat, and weight gain means eating more than you burn! On top of that, carbs provide energy for workouts and allow you to progress better in the gym. So eat your carbs!

This can take anywhere from as little as 1 week up to 4. Typically with males they will see results quicker because they do not deal with monthly water fluctuations from hormones. But our guidelines for nutrition and training will 100% have you losing fat or gaining muscle.

To gain muscle you must: 1. Be in a caloric surplus with adequate protein amounts and 2. Progressively overload muscles. Realisticly, for newer trainees you will be able to put on roughly 1-2 pounds of muscle per month (as a male) and .5 to 1 pound of muscle per month (as a female). Be in mind that muscle gain comes as (typically) a 1:1 ratio of muscle:fat.

There are several reasons why you may not be losing! Let’s take a look at each: 1. You may not be tracking/logging food correctly 2. You may be at a weight and activity level to where you have metabolically adapted and need to diet lower 3. You may need a diet break if you have dieted for prolonged durations 4. Cortisol levels may be increasing water retention, which masks fat loss!

Yes! The only way to accurately measure your food is to have an electronic scale. People are extremely bad at eyeballing food intakes and estimating! As well, measuring tools are usually far off from being exact, especially compared to a digital scale.


Macro Plan

  • Learn how to track food intake
  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Food recommendations to fill calorie needs
  • Guidelines for self adjustment
  • FAQ page

Training Program

  • Program tailored to your goals
  • Built around continual progression
  • Employs the most recent scientific literature
  • Crafted from your own lifestyle


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